Kitchen Worktops

Unlimited Design Potential

Epoxy is likely the most versatile countertop material when it comes to design possibilities. Essentially any colour or pattern you can dream of can be created.

Easy To Clean

You can use almost any cleaning product on it without damaging the epoxy, ensuring that you have a safe place to prepare your foods. The nonporous surface is also resistant to mold and bacteria growth.

Heat Resistant

Epoxy surfaces are heat resistant, making them ideal for kitchens. The best bit? If you accidentally set a hot pan down on the work surface, it wont scorch it like other surfaces.

High Gloss Finish

Epoxy countertops have a beautiful high gloss finish. This finish reflects light back into the room. Every pore of the countertop is closed for a sleek, smooth finish.

Non-toxic & Food Safe

Most epoxy products are considered non-toxic and are food-safe for countertops once the epoxy resin has cured.


Epoxy countertops are quite affordable; however, the cost is dependent on the pattern and colors you choose.


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