Garage Flooring


Compared to an average garage floor, epoxy floors are bright and professional. Their appearance alone makes them enticing to use.

Property Value

 Every home improvement project increases the value of your property, and garage epoxy flooring is no exception. Potential buyers love having shiny, durable garage floors – and they are willing to pay a bit more for a home with this feature.


Epoxy is built to last. Even well-used garages look great years after the epoxy application. These garage floors hold up against wear and tear and are resistant to chemicals, chipping, and damage. If a bike is knocked over in the garage, or you accidentally drop a wrench, you don’t need to worry about damage to the flooring.

Moisture Resistant

Adding a garage epoxy coating is beneficial to minimize the damage of moisture on the garage floor. When it rains, you don’t need to worry about water dripping off the car. Keep in mind that some epoxy surfaces can be slippery when wet. If you want to minimize slippage, then you might consider adding extra grip in the final coat to create a non-stick surface.


Adding a garage epoxy floor coating means that you are creating a layer of protection to minimize damage to the cement. For example, the epoxy reduces the likelihood of oil stains on the floor, making it easy to clean up the mess after working on your car in the garage. It also protects the flooring against certain solvents and salts.

Minimise Dust

Bare cement flooring will shed over time, creating a phenomenon known as “dusting.” Regular car and foot traffic in the garage can kick up the dust, which settles on tool benches, cars, and anything else stored in the garage. If you don’t like cleaning up the fine powder all the time, then adding an epoxy coating is a great solution. Since it works as a topical sealer, it gives you the anti-dusting benefits that make it easier to maintain a clean garage floor.


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